I love teaching as much as I love playing. Been at it nearly as long, too. By the early '70s I had students at the local music store and at my house. I spent four years teaching at Livingston College after graduating in 1976. By the early '80s the road had beckoned - teaching took a hiatus. In the early '90s I met bass virtuoso/educator Brian Torff on a record date, and that meeting led to an 18 year teaching run at Fairfield University. It felt great to get back to one of my loves, so I started to build my private practice back up as well.

I'm currently teaching in the central NJ area. I've recently started offering lessons online as well. After trying several platforms, I'm currently using Zoom. None of the platforms allow real time duet playing, but I've come up with some online teaching techniques that work quite well. I highly recommend The Amazing Slow Downer as a practice tool, and I use it with a lot of my students when we're having lessons.

Some of the topics covered in the lessons are: repertoire, rhythm guitar playing (various genres), learning the fingerboard (scales, arpeggios, chords, etc.) right and left hand technique, soloing (linearly and off of chord changes),  chord melody playing, following a chart, reading, music theory, ear training, etc. 

I don't have a set agenda with my lessons. I try to cater to the interests of each student, while making sure each one is getting a firm foundation in the building blocks of music and guitar playing.

If you'd like to try an online lesson, contact me through the website and we can discuss the details.