Lessons - Real World & Online!

I love teaching as much as I love playing. Been at it nearly as long, too. By the early 70s I had students at the local music store and at my house. I spent four years teaching at Livingston College after graduating in 1976. By the early 80s the road had beckoned - teaching took a hiatus. In the early 90s I met bass virtuoso/educator Brian Torff on a record date, and that meeting led to an 18 year teaching run at Fairfield University. It felt great to get back to one of my loves, so I started to build my private practice back up as well.

I'm currently teaching in the central NJ area. I've recently started offering lessons online as well; so far I've used Skype, FaceTime, Google Duo, and Zoom. If you'd like to try an online lesson, contact me through the website and we can discuss the details.